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Personal Guarantee Unlimited per person (including the amount from automobile third party liability insurance).
Property Guarantee Unlimited per accident.
Vehicle Guarantee The amount of the current value of the vehicle per accident (100,000 yen deductible).
Personal Injury Guarantee

Limited to ¥30,000,000 per person.

Passengers involved in the crash will be compensated for any injuries suffered (including death and physical impediment), regardless of the degree of fault apportioned to the driver. (Damages of 30,000,000 yen including treatment costs, calculated in accordance with the standard conditions fixed in the insurance policy)

▼Regarding Exemptions from Insurance and Compensation

The driver or lessee should use the rental vehicle in line with the conditions in the rental agreement. Damage caused by accidents resulting from the following situations or styles of driving will be the responsibility of the lessee or driver.

  • Failure to wear a seatbelt 
  • Failure to inform the police of the accident from the scene (Inability to obtain an accident certificate from the police)
  • Arranging an unauthorized out of court settlement with the other party. 
  • Neglecting to inform the lessor of the accident 
  • Causing an accident during an unauthorized extension to the rental period 
  • Accidents caused by a driver other than the driver or sub-driver listed on the contract 
  • Drink driving 
  • Driving without a license 
  • Damage caused by theft 
  • Allowing more passengers than the designated capacity of the vehicle 
  • Damage caused by driving off-road for example, beaches, dry riverbeds, forests etc. (accidents occurring on unmaintained roads)
  • Repair costs of damage and corrosion to the body of the car etc., caused by misuse of the vehicle 
  • Use of the vehicle for any kind of test, race, or to haul or push other vehicles. 
  • Damage caused to the rental vehicle by an accident involving a vehicle owned, used or managed by the customer. 
  • Damage to the rental vehicle caused by operational error 
  • Damage to the vehicle’s interior fittings 
  • Scratches caused by tire chains or ski carriers 
  • Tire damage, punctures or loss of hubcaps 
  • Use of the vehicle that breaches the conditions of the lessor’s rental agreement 
  • Any other accident which is exempted from the insurance agreement 

In such cases, application for the basic fee, including the aforementioned insurance and compensation systems will be refused. If the lessor has paid damages that should have been the responsibility of the driver or lessee, that money should be promptly paid to the lessor.

▼Non-operation Charge

In the unlikely event of an accident, theft, breakdown or fouling of the vehicle that is not the responsibility of the lessor and requires repairs or cleaning, regardless of the degree of damage or length of repairs, a ‘non-operation charge’ will be applied as detailed below. (Damage to the vehicle’s interior fittings, burn marks in the seats etc. will also be subject to a non-operation charge)

If the rental vehicle can be returned to the place of rental
(Vehicle is operational)
50,000 yen
If the rental vehicle cannot be returned to the place of rental
(Vehicle is not operational)

※Separate tow vehicle transport costs will be paid by the customer.