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Please contact us by email or phone.
Please allow us to check the availability of vehicles and confirm the day and period of reservation, and the pickup and return locations Also, please let us know if you wish to rent an ETC card (separate cost 5,400 yen)
Picking up the vehicle
You should come to the pickup location and sign the rental contract. There will be a quick inspection for scratches etc. followed by operation instructions. Then you just have to pay the rental fee. Please always make sure to bring your driver’s license.
Returning the vehicle
Please use the car as you wish until the end of the rental period. Please make sure to fill up the car with gasoline before you return it. If you wish to extend your rental, please let us know in advance. Depending on other reservations, your extension may be refused.
Final details
Please make sure to return the vehicle to the designated return location. There will be an additional charge for late returns. We will check the car for damage. If any damage is found, an additional charge will be made at that time. If you rented an ETC card, please make sure to return it and pay any usage fees that have been accrued.